-- Privately owned golf carts are expected to operate in the same manner as an automobile or other motorized vehicle.

-- All golf carts must comply with Mississippi Motor Vehicle and Traffic regulations. (See Miss. Code Annotated Title 63-1-1 seq.).

-- Operators of golf carts must possess a valid driver's license and proper insurance.

-- Violation of any of the rules could result in the issuance of traffic citations and other penalties, as outlined by state law.

-- NO MOTORIZED VEHICLES ARE ALLOWED IN THE ALLEYS OF THE BARNS, with the exception of FCMPC RTVs. (this includes but not limited to golf carts, Razors, RTVs, scooters, 4-wheelers, etc..)


Deep South Team Roping Finals - December 4-7, 2014

The Deep South Team Ropers Association is southern team roping at its best!  Once again DSTRA Finals will be held in Hattiesburg, MS at the Forrest County Multipurpose Center on December 4-6, 2015.  The DSTRA brings ropers from across Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama! 

Friday- Books Open @8 Rope @10

#13 Slide and #11 Championship                             Kids Dummy Roping Each Day

Saturday- Books Open @8 Rope @10                    Door Prizes Daily

                                             #10 and #9 Championship

                                             Sunday- Books Open @8 Rope @10        Cowboy Church

                                              #8 Championship

For more information about roping call Rodney Smith at 601-668-4891

For vendor information or stall/rv reservations call the FCMPC at 601-583-7500.